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Started by yotam, August 03, 2010, 06:49:36 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

About Qt Linguist and right-to-left languages:

The words in Qt Linguist appear in reversed order.

I talked with the Arabic translator. He has Ubuntu 10.04, Arabic layout
operating system, no Arabic locale, and he has the same problems: the words are in reversed order.

The bug is listed on Qt task tracker: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-4098

So, there is no solution to the problem, you must use older Linguist 3 and wait for a Qt bug fix.

There is Linguist, version 4.7.0 beta 2, currently available, it may have the
bug fix, though I doubt.

Liviu Lalescu

Yotam, please let me know if the Hebrew translation in the current snapshot ( http://lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/download/test/ ) is looking good, so that I can release a new official version of FET today. I need your answer as soon as possible.


I will try the current snapshot tonight, when I am back home from my day-job.

Liviu Lalescu

QuoteI will try the current snapshot tonight, when I am back home from my day-job.

OK then, I may postpone for tomorrow the release, because I want to ensure that Hebrew is displayed correctly. No problem, sorry for being too pushing.


QuoteLiviu wrote me:

OK then, please tell me, after compiling:

1) Hebrew works OK, words are correct.

2) Help/About translators and TRANSLATORS file contains good info about Hebrew

3) Menus timetable->show soft conflicts and data->all space constraints are
looking good, with accelerators for them functioning OK (just press
Alt+underlined letter).

Hebrew looks OK, words are correct but not the best possible, as I am not used to Hebrew GUI terminology conventions.

Credit for Hebrew translation is accurate.

The accelerators mentioned in (3) work fine.
I am not happy with the term I picked for soft-conflict and the letter chosen for accelerator is not significant. But it may be good for first release.

Hebrew is gender sensitive. As I translated -
‎Help = עזרה is Female
Online = מקוּוַן is Male.
So:  Help->Online
does not sound right. I should have used "Online" in female form.
Since these two words do not appear as one unit, but rather one below the other, it is less embarrassing.

Liviu Lalescu

Well, please tell me the correct translation for Help->Online into Hebrew and I'll change it, it is very easy for me.

Also, tell me preferred accelerators, if you have better ones (careful not to make duplicates).


About to rush to my day-job office.

Please change

Regarding an accelerator letter for :
I actually do not see a better letter that does not collide
with other item on the samne sub-menu. So your choice is OK. By the way, underline under Hebrew letters is a little confusing - because it looks like a diacritic mark (vowel).

Liviu Lalescu

OK, change is done, new version is released :-)

Thank you for your work!


hi there -
I try to work with the hebrew translation and I have some first remarks:
1. thanks.
2. because hebrew is written from right to left there are some windows that open with the e-relevant information, i.e. straighten to the wrong = left direction. where did I saw it?  at TIME   TEACHER   TEACHER'S NOT AVAILABLE TIME   in the window of teacher's constaints.
I already saw it doesnt happen everywhere (when adding or modifying activities the window do straighten to the right direction).
3. Yotam - we will need to talk about some of the translations...
4. I guess an unexpected problem will be user's vocabulary. for me, as a new user that is not acquainted with computers, it was much easier to explain and understand the forum thanks to the labels in english. once I dont understand what 'generate' 'constraints' and 'time slot' mean the use of FET might be very frustrating.
thanks again, hila

Liviu Lalescu

Answer to 2. : yes, unfortunately some list boxes are left aligned. They are old Qt 3 forms, Q3ListBox, which I was too lazy to update to Qt 4. Qt 3 did not care about right-to-left languages in list boxes.

I updated activities list and other lists to QListWidget (list box of Qt 4), because I considered them more important. That is why they look good even in right-to-left languages.