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Tips and Tricks / Planning oral exams (new constraints)
October 28, 2020, 04:06:57 PM
Hello all,

I have to planify some oral exams for your students. According to the fact that there's only 1 student per exam at the same time ; I dont use the students options.

We have 150 students and each student will have 4 exams. So I created 600 activities (150 x 4) and each activity is linked to 1 student (the name of the student is included into the activity's name).

The constraints I have here are about the teachers.

For a given exam of a given class (let's say English in a class of 18 students), the teacher will have to pass 18 English exams. The problem is that these 18 English exams have to be contiguous. But that can start on the middle of an afternoon and finished the next day for example ; or being in 2 mornings but in contiguous days. The only thing is no gap in a given day and no gab between days.

I was able to say that a teacher  as no gap in a day but I can't say no gap in the days ... has someone an idea ?
Thanks to all for your help

Tips and Tricks / planning oral exams
March 03, 2020, 09:26:17 PM
Hello all,
I need to plan oral exams with the following constraints :

only 3 different topics (french, german, mathematics).
for each topic, to teachers'team
each team has its own room

according to the fact that we'll 48 students , the oral exams are only in one day. The studens have to pass their 3 exams and it must have min 1 hour between each exam.
I created the teachers'teams, the rooms and topics. But now I tried to create 48 activities but I can't configure a same activity to have a gap of 1 hour between two sessions. should I create students, maybe groups  instead of activities ?
thanks for your help
Best Regards
Get Help / oral exam sessions
November 07, 2019, 08:54:31 AM
Hello all,
I have to organize an oral exam session for my school. Each student has 30 minutes to present and defend a topic.

So I created a teachers' file and 1 activity file. Here, there is 1 activity per student. Each student therefore has his or her 30-minute activity (his or her oral examination session) which is followed by 2 teachers.

In order to ease the travel of teachers, I would like teachers to stay as much as possible in the same room and their schedules to be as contiguous as possible.

Is it possible to add such constraints (i.e. leave the teacher in the same room and make sure that the teacher's sessions are contiguous)

Per advance, thanks very much for your help
Kind Regards