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Started by Liviu Lalescu, June 13, 2020, 09:31:54 PM

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Hiba Hadi

Great! Very nice and useful trick! Now I understand perfectly.
So really we don't need these 3 constraints and maybe if it's implemented,  they can makes confusing the users and might introduce a new bugs!?

Thank you Volker so much for this nice explanation, and we sincerely hope convincing many users specially who suggested them.

I believe add a new constraints is the last way,  when it's really necessary, and when they aren't any way to solve problems.

Thanks again 🙂


Benahmed Abdelkrim

Hiba & Volker: Yes, indeed you are right.

Liviu Lalescu

I thought about this thing: in FET-MA there are constraints for half days and for real days. It would be good to have a uniform treatment. Now there are for instance max hours per day represents real days and min hours per day represents half days.

It would be better to keep half days default and when a constraint refers to real days to specify this. So we'll have max hours per real day and min hours per day in the above example. We'll also have max hours per day and min hours per real day.

I could do this - it is a bit complicated and risky - but I would manage. But there is the problem with input files. They contain old-style named constraints. I could see the FET-MA version when opening the file and know if it is an old file, needing conversion, or new file. But this method is susceptible to errors, if the user does not correctly write the version of FET-MA generating the file in the file header.

Do you have suggestions?

Also, in this manner it might be possible to unite FET and FET-MA. Would that be a good idea?


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Liviu Lalescu