set of activities are not overlaping

Started by thiagonunes, January 27, 2018, 02:35:26 AM

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Hello. First of all I want to say that FET is a fantastic program. I am using version 5.35.0.
At the school I work for there are three teachers that must be considered as each of them were two so I use Set of Activities Are Not Overlaping. The issue is that I have to repeat this configuration all over again everytime I need to change the activities data.
FET on my computer runs on Debian GNU/Linux Testing version.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to use such a great tool!

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you for the appreciation! Maybe you would like to write more about your opinion on FET on the guest book, and share more details about your experience here, in the forum.

I would like to keep the FET constraints to the minimum possible (not to complicate things). So only the basic constraint activities not overlapping.

But I think that you could use this trick: for each real teacher (say you add T1 and T2, to consider real teacher T as if there were two of them). Then add a dummy teacher T_dummy or a dummy students set S_dummy for each activity of real T (for each activity which contains teachers T1 or T2). Then you no longer need to add the constraint activities not overlapping. You just need to be careful to add T_dummy or S_dummy for each activity of real T (T1 or T2).

You can then hide T_dummy or S_dummy from the CSS file of the HTML timetables (Volker can tell you how).