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we should be able to set a constraint so that all students are ensured to have at least one hour of break from 12am to 3pm as lunch break.
So break hour can differ day by day.
Is it possible to obtain this kind of result?

The same for teachers, they must have at least one hour of break from 12am to 3pm

Thank you,
Hello, and thank you in advance.

We would like to use the command like version in order to automatically generate a timetable, starting from a valid .fet file.
This means that in our idea there will not be an operator running manually the script but it will be an automated task.

This brings a problem, to be able to detect if the script should wait for FET generating the timetable or should assume that there is some impossible conditions.
Is there a way from the calling script we could understand is timetabling is making progress, of id kill the execution after some minutes?

Thank you,


say I have a suject that it is supposed to have 6 hours per week, I can schedule a split like 2+2+1+1, but it could also be acceptable a solution like 2+2+2 if the first one is not possibile in the timetable.
Is there a way to configure a secondry or "backup" split schema?

Thank you,

and than you for this great software.

I collaborate with an academy that has a few classes (6 - 7 classes per year) that are quite complex as each class it is supposed to attend from 600 to 900 hours of lessons each year.
These amount of hours are divided into subjects, like 40 hours of math, 50 hours of english and so on.
But, timetable it is not regular each week.
These classes are assigned to have lessons at teh academy for example two days a week, and they will attend the 900 hours from september to may for example. They have 4 hours in the morning of one subject and 4 hours in the afternoon.
We have constraint so that subject2 cannot start before subject1 is not finished and so on.
We have alsso to match classrooms availability, as some subjects can be held only on specific classrooms.

Is FET suitable for this kind of timetble generation (even paying for some modification?)

Thank you,