Lunch break of one hour from 12 am to 3pm

Started by michelemi, September 07, 2023, 10:12:11 PM

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we should be able to set a constraint so that all students are ensured to have at least one hour of break from 12am to 3pm as lunch break.
So break hour can differ day by day.
Is it possible to obtain this kind of result?

The same for teachers, they must have at least one hour of break from 12am to 3pm

Thank you,

Volker Dirr

hmm... currently you can do it only like this:

For Students i suggest to add an activity with a subject called "lunch".
Split in as many parts as you have days per week. Weight 100%.
Do this for a whole year and/or each group (so you don't add a teacher into this activities).
Use a time constraint activities preferred times for the subject "lunch".

For full time working teachers you can do the same.

Sadly for part time working teachers this trick won't work well.
I think for part time teachers you need to add for each day a constraint "A set of activities occupy max time slots from a selection". You need to add all activities of the teacher, add the time slots from one day and allow one slot less. Sadly you need to do this for each day.



I get the suggestion.
But this activity should also not oppy a classroom.
It is basically only blocking the students, or the teachers.

How can it be done?


Volker Dirr

If it is only the classroom and the room is only used by that class, then it doesn't matter, since the timetable won't get easier by that.

If you need the room, then add many pseudo rooms for the canteen. (Maybe just call them canteen1, canteen2, ...) and use subject preffered room constraint.

I done it for example with the first variant and generated a timetable and also i didn't want to display the room and activity at all. So i just generated it and removed the lunch activities after i generated the timetable. You could also hide them by the css file.