Algorithm Flow Chart

Started by ahmedzaalan, April 09, 2011, 12:45:34 AM

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I want to ask if we can draw a flow chart for the algorithm  used in FET program
thanks a lot

Liviu Lalescu

Yes, of course.

I'll help with advice, just ask specific questions.


ok i will try to initiate a flowchart then i hope that you help me in correcting it

Volker Dirr

Liviu Lalescu

I added another description of the algorithm, check FET Documentation page, algorithm description.


hi Mr Lalescu I tried to draw this flow chart depending on your description please tell me is it a valid flow chart please show me if there are error?

Liviu Lalescu

Hi! Please call me Liviu! :-)

I attach the things which I found. But there may be others. Also, I didn't find step (2-g).

Note: I may have made mistakes and/or not observe your mistakes. I will try to think some more, to check.