Doubt about Mode: official, mornings-afternoons

Started by Beñat Armentia, July 17, 2021, 01:12:45 PM

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Beñat Armentia

Good mornin,

In a primary school we have the schedule as follows:


The thing is, I want a couple of teachers to only have class one afternoon a week.

I have to select the morning-afternoon mode for this?

Does the program recognize that the first four hours are in the morning and the last two in the afternoon?

Then on the restrictions say max evenings for a teacher=1?

When I go to insert the teacher data asks me behavior of mornings and afternoons, How I have to fill it?

Thank you very much for your help

Liviu Lalescu


I think you should use the Official mode, and the constraint teacher interval (=evening) max (=1) days per week.

For the Mornings-Afternoons mode there is extensive help in the menu, Morocco and Algeria.

Beñat Armentia

I'm sorry but I only find this option in Mornings-Afternoons mode

In the Official mode I only can choose (Time-teachers) max-min days, gaps, span, hours, rest. I can not find evening option.

Do I have to search in other place?

Thank you very much for your attention

Liviu Lalescu

No problem! In the official mode, A teacher constraints, A teacher works in an hourly interval max days per week. You will choose the interval.

Beñat Armentia

Max hours daily or span per day?

I want to set morning every day for this teacher and one evening. I don't understand where and what I have to choose

Thank you very much

Liviu Lalescu

I attach a screenshot and the corresponding file, to make a teacher work maximum 1 evening per week.

Let me know if now it is clear.

Beñat Armentia

I didn't find


Thank you so much!!!

Liviu Lalescu