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Started by Clariss, July 23, 2021, 05:38:59 PM

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Hello developers. FET is a big help to our university regarding generating sample schedules/programs. It is helpful to me as a student and our university if these features I suggest will be considered. Thank you very much.

  • One-time import and generate - the user will import the dataset and generate it once, and FET will remember it even FET will close.
  • Teacher's favorite subjects - the allocation of subjects to a teacher is base on how many times he/she handles it. For example, if the teacher taught Math many times in the past schedules, FET will assign Math to this teacher for the next generation of schedules.
  • Teachers have a maximum number of subjects to handle.
  • FET will suggest hiring more teachers if all teachers cannot handle more subjects because of suggestion number 3.

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, Clariss,

About (1), FET saves the solution in fet-results, as _data_and_timetable.fet after a successful generation, or you can lock the timetable after generating.

About (2), (3), and (4): I don't understand. In the official FET, the activities are clearly specified. Maybe you would like to use Block planning mode if you want these options?