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TiTiTo-5.7.1 released
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:31:13 AM »
I released a new TiTiTo version.

You can download it here:
Windows 7 or higher:
MacOS 10.10 or higher:
Linux: * see below (like openSuse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Raspbian, ...)

Read a short manual:

* I can compile native Linux version. Just write me an email.
If you can't wait for a native compiled version you might already test it with the windows version even under Linux! You can run it with Wine ( ) and CrossOver ( ) under Linux.

5.0.0: - use Qt 5.9.1
5.0.1: - improved html if you use "repeat names"
5.0.2: - hide teachers in get teacher for substitution dialog similar to schedule supervision
5.0.3: - new search dialog (find changed/unchanged substitution)
5.0.4: - bring forward hours ignore by default activities without students and supervision now. (can be turned on again)
5.0.5: - schedule supervision has got 2 new options (same building on both sides. same building and free)
5.0.6: - all dialogs with a timetable combobox: now the latest timetable is always preselected (instead of the first one)
5.0.7: - teachers statistic can print all activities, without supervision and supervision only
5.0.8: - fixed statistic counting if an amendment is set while the default activity is canceled

5.1.0: - display same starting time id in get teachers for substitution
5.1.1: - display same starting time id in get rooms for substitution
5.1.2: - speedup get teachers for substitution
5.1.3: - optimized print supervision table
5.1.4: - optimized id of activities if you split activities automatically
5.1.5: - inactive activities will be skipped by default if you import a timetable (can be turned on again)
5.1.6: - fixed a crash bug: printing and exporting of a timetable crashed if there are less then 10 teachers in the dataset
5.1.7: - print and export from a specific hour up to an other hour
5.1.8: - display activity id of team teaching activities in get teachers for substitution dialog
5.1.9: - display students names in get teachers for substitution

5.2.0: - skip inactive not available times while importing now
5.2.1: - detailed teachers statistics support level of detail like in substitution export
5.2.2: - detailed teachers statistics can care about (not) absent teachers
5.2.3: - warning about maybe unneeded supervisions (if you set someone absent and remove that again)
5.2.4: - activities can be renumbered while importing a timetable
5.2.5: - iCal export support supervision
5.2.6: - skip duplicate room constraints while importing a timetable
5.2.7: - changed time format from local into ISO 8601 format to increase compatibility between different operation systems
5.2.8: - absent and substitution table rescroll to the old position if an item was clicked
5.2.9: - support converting from newer SchILD version (

5.3.0: - export and print statistics matrices
5.3.1: - tidy up short cut keys (Searching: F1-F4; View: F5-F8; Detailed View: F9-F12)
5.3.2: - code clean-up (fixed cppcheck 1.80 warnings)
5.3.3: - added .icns file
5.3.4: - default home directory is now home path + "TiTiTo" (needed to avoid writing problems under MacOS)
5.3.5: - TiTiTo asks for language at first start
5.3.6: - default database is SQLite now, not memory
5.3.7: - updated translation
5.3.8: - bug fix in export matrices (If the dataset constains activities without a subject)

5.4.0: - export and print absent teachers, students and rooms
5.4.1: - it's possible to unlock planning activities after supervision planning was done. (But i highly don't recommend it!)
5.4.2: - fixed a possible crash bug while importing a timetable
5.4.3: - fixed wrong teacher names in planning activities 2 dialog
5.4.4: - statistics contain number of hours per week if you export/print a timetable
5.4.5: - fixed wrong teacher names in split activities dialog
5.4.6: - plan supervision dialog doesn't complain anymore if a "normal"/pseudo activity is taged as supervision (to improve statistics)
5.4.7: - bugfix: teacher move forward work fine again (bug was intruduced with version 5.2.7)
5.4.8: - optimised the hide teacher feature in get teachers for substitution dialog
5.4.9: - optimised students, room and subject names in get teachers for substitution dialog if the duration is greater than 1

5.5.0: - tooltip shows detailed teachers timetable of that day in get teachers for substitution dialog (move mouse over days diagram)
5.5.1: - tooltip shows detailed rooms timetable of that day in get rooms for substitution dialog (move mouse over days diagram)
5.5.2: - similar fix as with version 5.4.6 just for the print supervision dialog
5.5.3: - updated translations
5.5.4: - optional publishing at startup or combined with printing
5.5.5: - optional silent publishing
5.5.6: - fixed a crash bug in the first search dialog (if you search for a subject and database contains a supervision without a subject)
5.5.7: - improved sorting in the printed/published substitution table if there are more than 9 hours per day

5.6.0: - improved manual planning (automatic kick of conflicting activities)
5.6.1: - a new direct move behaviour in planning dialogs (without setting inactive)
5.6.2: - show inactive activities if you leave teacher/students/room activity planing dialog
5.6.3: - hide/show supervision hours in teachers, students, rooms and subjects planning views
5.6.4: - show/hide all inactive activities in teachers, students, rooms and subjects planning dialog
5.6.5: - reference to version 5.0.6: i forgot to improve the teachers statistics. this is added now.
5.6.6: - it is possible to add a new teacher (but at the end of the list only)
5.6.7: - fixed visual bug: if a user selected other sortings in a few tables sometimes cells kept empty after modification

5.7.0: - new planning dialogs with horizontal and vertical time view
5.7.1: - all planning dialogs have got coloured inactive activities
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