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Thanks for the generous help!
Dear Liviu Lalescu

I am deeply hurt by the harsh verse used by Mr Volker Dirr. You could simply and politely say that it cannot be done. I will accept and comprehend the difficulties. Meanwhile, in our country the timetable is this simple - which does not have any "Home" or "Spare Time" slots. The way the timetables used for more than 100 years in our country is the one which I can show to you.
Never mind. As Mr Volker Dirr asked you can delete me. You must have read his verse "he need to delete".
Forget about me and my suggestion. But, remember all of your competitive timetable software simply have this facility without any hassle. So, it is a simple request. Is it not?
But, "Don't give the users what they ask for, give them what they need."

Thanking for spending your valuable time with me.
It is preferable to have some texts like 'SHORT INTERVAL' or 'LUNCH INTERVAL' or 'ASSEMBLY' in the break slots rather than display merely an "-X-".
I have attached a timetable which was generated through FET but the HTML version is enhanced in EXCEL so that I have a text "INTERVAL" in the break slot.
Is it possible to have this facility in FET itself?