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In my opinion it is also (maybe even more?!) fair if each students group is also one time in the room.
So in my opinion just select each activity and tag the first subactivity.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 16, 2023, 06:56:45 AM
I will be home late today. So i think i can do it tomorrow afternoon.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 15, 2023, 09:56:40 PM
hmm.. Sorry. True. I printed from FET the last time many years ago. The feature is only implemented in TiTiTo.
Please use TiTiTo for printing.
We might add that feature also in FET. But only if Liviu agrees. It is a lot of critical work. I can't do that fast, since I must work at school to earn money. In fact I am also too lazy to implement it into FET, since I don't print from FET. But maybe someone sponsors my work time if I implement it into FET.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 15, 2023, 09:21:10 PM
If I remeber correct the grey color was introduced with html level 3. If he reduce the html level (or increase it to 6 (with the colored background), then it will be always black.
It's also possible to change that in the css file if he need an other html level.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 15, 2023, 09:14:52 PM
if he can't read his default font, then he should setup an other font in his computer systems settings or the webbrowser. FET is currently using HIS default font for the subject and all other stuff. Only the x-axis and y-axis are bold, since this are headers.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 15, 2023, 09:12:40 PM
It is always the same font.
It is html-style, that by default headers are bold. so if i write <th> it is bold, while data <td> is not bold. that is importend for blind guys and other computer systems that reads data. they need to know if it is a head or "only" data.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 15, 2023, 09:06:40 PM
Yes, of course he talked about printing from the interface.
But there are a lot of different possibilities that can be modified. The color, bold, underlined, striking out, ...
I don't know how many fonts the QDocument can care about. Especially on different systems.
So it's currently impossible. I have a long day tomorrow (Parants come to school in the afternoon). So i will be home late. I think i can try a bit at the weekend what is possible in the interface. So far he need to export and can modify and print with a webbrowser. But as i said: It will look only on his system like that. It can look totaly different on other computers if he share his modified html with other guys.
General Stuff / Re: Specify font in printing timetable
November 15, 2023, 08:49:57 PM
The table head is by default bold, while table data is by default not bold.
You can make it bold by modifying the css file.
Specifying the font in the interface is a bit "critical" since FET runs and Windows, Linux and MacOS and each systems has other fonts installed and there are thousand of different fonts available. As long as you print on paper only, it is not too critical. But as soon as you publish it as html-file it is critical, since html-files doesn't contain a font and so it will look different with different webbrowsers and operating systems.
But you can also modify the font with css. Just modify the css (see and add your preferred fontname (see Don't forget that it will look different if the font is not installed on the other computer.
Quote from: rozojc on November 15, 2023, 07:10:05 AMRegarding it being a strange constraint. Maybe, not sure. I did work in Sweden where the auditorium was shared between the primary and secondary and we were only allowed to use it X amount of times per week, so it would have been useful in that situation as well.

We also share rooms, but saying the number of hours doesn't help in most cases. In most cases you already know the number of hours per room before generating. If you want to share random slots, then you can just tell the free slots after generating. But in normal case we always must do it different, since we (both schools) might generate a timetable several times per year and in worst at the same time. So we always talk before generating and do "contracts" like "you can use the gym on Monday 1. - 4th hour and on Wednesday". So we only need "room not available" constraints to solve that problem.
ahh... I see "the teacher" problem. Sadly most teachers, like me, were pretty stupid. They bought many needed stuff themselves. They bought/buy books, paper, pencils, software ... themselves. Nearly all young teachers do it. But as soon as they get older they understand pretty fast that they only need to ask the school authorities for all this stuff. Of course some of them are short by money and might refuse the first time. The trick is to ask many times and in "worst" case say in a few classes something like "I like to do xxx with you, kids, but the school authorities don't want to pay for it". In normal case it doesn't take long then and you get the money for the needed stuff then. Of course it must be useful and not to expensive stuff. But books, software, computers, ... are useful. Teachers are normally not self-employed. They are employee and i never heard that for example a employed typist bought it's own computer or it's own software to do the work in an office.
hmm... not sure how difficult it is to code that constraint. I am also not sure if that constraint should be in official mode since it is a bit "strange" that a room needs a minimum number of hours.
Maybe you can sponsor Liviu to code a custom version.

But in fact i still think the "better" way (since you have only 10 students and a very easy data set) is do manually assign the SEN teachers to the students. So you will always have a good and fixed teacher-student-combination and also the correct subjects. Do that at least to most of of the SEN hours; If there are a few hours left where you don't have a preferred student-teacher combination, then just place those hours randomly after generating a timetable.
Well, there is a big difference. In FET-MAPR, the FET-Blockplanning and in StElTo, you normally add a lot of students (20 - 30 students) to a single teacher and you do this with all students so a few 100 to a few thousands, and also with all teachers, so with also up to a few hundreds.

But if i understood the SEN hours correct, then it is very similar to our "Förderlehrer" (or even a bit similar to "on duty" hours), so teachers that care only about a single student in a whole class. So you already have a fixed timetable and only put 1 (random) teacher to only ONE student. So depending on your schools system you might have only 10 students in total. All in different classes and and each of them only get sometimes one random teacher. So we talk about a much lower number then in MAPR, Blockplanning or StElTo. So it is over the top to use a MARP, Blockplanning or StElTo here. I still think you should try it with the rooms with your current timetable.
Yes, but the next table will come soon. And i think you should try the exact way first.
An other variant without a blockplanning might be simply this:

1. Add a room for each SEN-student.
2. Then add a constraint subject "SEN" need a "SEN"-room (see 1.)
3. Maybe add a constraint like max room changes.

So by this each teacher can see this "SEN"-student by the room name.