Crash: MinGW Runtime Assertion

Started by Wizard, April 27, 2016, 08:09:00 AM

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I'm using Fet 5.29.1 with Windows 7 x64 SP1 and each time I delete a "teacher not available constraint" I get a windows that says ---------------------------
MinGW Runtime Assertion
Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Users\temp1\Desktop\fet-5.29.1\fet.exe
File: engine\rules.cpp, Line 3517

Expression: cs.contains(c)


Meh! I was editing a file that had been created with fet 5.23 and now that I have deleted all "teacher not available" constraints, every time I add a new one, I can delete it without the "assertion failed" message. So, I guess all is well...  ::)

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you for your bug report!

Unfortunately, I cannot replicate it.

Even if you say that the problem seems solved, I would like to investigate further the problem, since it shouldn't have happened. Could you describe me what you were doing with FET-5.23 and how you were modifying the file, before opening it with FET-5.29.1? Were you editing the file with a text editor? Give all the details you can.


I'm really sorry, but I can't replicate it any more too. I wasn't editing the file with a text editor. The last time that this file had been edited was with 5.23.3. I downloaded 5.29.1 and while I was doing some editing, the error window popped up. I'll do some more tests and If ut happend again, I'll let you know!

Liviu Lalescu

I can replicate it :(

Rename the teacher, then remove his constraint (without saving and opening the file on the disk).

I will correct this asap.


Oh, you're so right! Among a lot of things, I had renamed some teachers!   :-\