output windows refresh problem

Started by flauta, September 11, 2016, 08:46:15 AM

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Davide Cottignoli

So, I have the same problem: Timetable generated in foreground: 17sec; in the background: 1sec.
Is it a patch for Mac Os X El Capitan?

Darren McDonald

I definitely don't have the technical ability to fix this issue, and it seems like the problem exists between with Qt and El Capitan (also, I think, with Yosemite).

If it's possible for you (and I know that it isn't always an option), I do recommend upgrading to Sierra, which has fixed a few issues for me in addition to this issue with FET.

Davide Cottignoli

With version 5.30.5 compiled by me on Mac OS X El Capitan and Mac OS X Lion either with QT 5.6.1, I have two different result.
With El Capitan I have the issue reported by Darren McDonald with different time (more) in foreground and (less) in background. With Lion I have the same time.

Volker Dirr

ok. so it look like it is a problem of the task manager of macOS.
maybe it just reduce the priority. (even this shouldn't be critical if you didn't run other "critical" software; but maybe your os is busy with calulating indexes, ...)
under linux and windows it is possible to change the priority over the task manager. i guess it is also possible with macOS. please setup the default value there. don't allow the os to reduce it.
if that doesn't help you should write a bug report to apple.