Trouble for compilation and languages on mac OS X

Started by cabsen, October 15, 2016, 11:36:05 PM

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On mac OS X Sierra and El Capitan, we met a trouble with compilation and the access to the languages.

For compilation, see the link below :

For the access to the languages, we met the message below :
QuoteTranslation for specified language not loaded - maybe the translation file is missing - setting the language to en_US (US English)
FET searched for the translation file fet_fr.qm in the directory /Applications/fet5305/, then in the directory /Applications/fet5305/ and then in the directory /usr/share/fet/translations (under systems that support such a directory), but could not find it.
For security reasons, we can't access to the "share" directory but only "local" since mac OS El Capitan. We even can't create manually the directory "fet" in the directory "share" but only in the directory "local".
Would it be possible to change it in the source file ?

Volker Dirr

why do you try to solve the problem by the last suggestion if you can't access the share folder?
just move the translation into the file like it is written in the sugestion.

Liviu Lalescu

It is very easy to change in the sources, but I am not sure it is a good thing. Because there are many users with /usr/share/fet/translations now. FET should be installed under GNU/Linux with "sudo make install", so with root access. I could modify so that FET searches in share, then in local, but also I am not sure it is a good thing, because it mixes too many things.

But why can't you put the translations in the

The responsible code is in src/interface/fet.cpp, search for "share" (without quotes).