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Started by MOHAMED AIT ICHOU, August 09, 2022, 01:14:33 PM

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Hello Livio, is there a possibility to add a maximum real day restriction for teachers that does not exceed a certain number of hours, meaning that the user determines the number of hours to which the restriction will be applied

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, Mohamed,

Do you mean something like this: max 3 real days per week, where each has 6 hours or more? And real days with less than 6 hours are not counted?

I think it is possible, if it is like this.

But I can only work on this with a sponsorship contract.

Meanwhile, I will add this in the TODO.


We need something like this:
automatically add constraints "Max days per week for teacher" from number of teacher hours
Nbr days= roundup(Nbr hrs modulo 4)

16< nbr of theacher's hours <=20
Max half days: 5
12< nbr of theacher's hours <=16
Max half days: 4

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Liviu Lalescu

Oh, I see. It is a very easy situation, but I prefer to leave the user simply add the constraints, to allow FET maximum flexibility.

I added this in the TODO, anyway.