How to prevent 2 subjects from appearing on the same day?

Started by ngoctp29121982, September 10, 2023, 02:39:12 PM

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Hello LiViu and Volker!
I have been using FET for a while, I find the software very effective, but I don't know how to use the following constraint fastest:
Does the FET software have any constraints for Math and Physics not to appear on the same Monday or Tuesday........
Thank you!

Volker Dirr

I think there is no single constraint for that.

You must...
a) ... add maths and physics as a single activity (with a min day constraint = 100%)
b) ... modify the math or physics constraint and add the other aubactiviites
c) ... add a new additional constraint with the math and physic subactivities

BTW: Depeing on your school: This suggestion will be impossible at my school, since the students have got more math and physics, then there are days per week.

BTW2: There are also other subjects that do the same amount of math. For example in chemestry you are calculating as much as in physics, so you might add that also. But i bet this will be impossible at your school also. Depeing on the year, you don't calculate in physics at all. For example in year 5 and 6 we don't calculate at all in physics. In year 7 and 8 we calculate only a little bit. Also in the higher years, depening on the topic, you are doing a lot of experiments, so it is not always calculating in physics. I think you are calculating much more in chemestry.


Must do a, b, c at the same time. Can you help me with this file? Thank you!