Planning oral exams (new constraints)

Started by forstera, October 28, 2020, 04:06:57 PM

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Hello all,

I have to planify some oral exams for your students. According to the fact that there's only 1 student per exam at the same time ; I dont use the students options.

We have 150 students and each student will have 4 exams. So I created 600 activities (150 x 4) and each activity is linked to 1 student (the name of the student is included into the activity's name).

The constraints I have here are about the teachers.

For a given exam of a given class (let's say English in a class of 18 students), the teacher will have to pass 18 English exams. The problem is that these 18 English exams have to be contiguous. But that can start on the middle of an afternoon and finished the next day for example ; or being in 2 mornings but in contiguous days. The only thing is no gap in a given day and no gab between days.

I was able to say that a teacher  as no gap in a day but I can't say no gap in the days ... has someone an idea ?
Thanks to all for your help

Liviu Lalescu

I think it is very easy: max 1 days between activities of the teacher (select all activities of that teacher), if they are to be on maximum 2 consecutive days. And max gaps per day/week = 0.

Please let me know.


Dear Liviu,
Thanks for your help ; i'll have to look for that constraing (didnt find it for the while ) ...
I'll keep you informed

Liviu Lalescu

Time constraints -> Activities, see the attached mini screenshot.


ok found :) thanks very much Liviu :)
I'm going to try that tomorrow :)

For the while I created a 'virtual teacher' per class and topic . For example, If I've a classname 21A with the topic english ; I created a teacher 21A-AN. This teacher is included in every english exam of the 21A class. Do you thik this can be usefull of the constraint you said would be enough ?

Thanks very much for your help :)

Liviu Lalescu

I think there are very many possible data representations to your problem. Maybe add each student as a students set (it does not matter: year, group in a single year, or subgroup in a single year/group). Then add each teacher on his own. Then add each subject.

Then an activity will have a teacher, a subject and a students set.

Then just add max gaps per week/day = 0 for teachers and n_teachers * max 1 days between activities constraints (all the activities of the same teacher in a single constraint).

I could use your file if you sent it to me, or we could even make a Team Viewer meeting if necessary (I did some in the past).