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FET-5.33.0 released
« on: August 29, 2017, 08:39:46 AM »
On Tuesday, 29 August 2017, FET-5.33.0 was released. From the ChangeLog:

- Very rare but important generation bug fixed. In some cases, for feasible timetables, the generation might cycle incorrectly. This is an old bug, affecting files with constraints students/teachers max hours daily and max gaps per day/week, but nobody observed it until now. Reported by Volker Dirr. A big 'Thank you!' to Volker, for being very supportive in hunting down this bug.
- Added the number of working hours for the teachers and the students in the HTML timetables statistics (suggested by Fernando A F Lordão, implemented by Volker Dirr).
- Added a new Algerian example file, by Benahmed Abdelkrim.
- Updated the Arabic translation, by Benahmed Abdelkrim.

Important note: the algorithm for teachers/students max hours daily was changed. If your old file was solvable until now, but you observe that with FET-5.33.0 it is not solved anymore, please inform immediately the authors.
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