testing fet-5.6.4-snapshot-20-sept-2008-15_27 OK

Started by Chafik Graiguer, September 21, 2008, 02:06:43 PM

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Chafik Graiguer

I tested the last snapshot
Within my testings It seems to work ok
-Different html levels (2 and 5 more important)   OK
-With/without -x-,  OK
"show -x- settings" is correctly saved and restored. OK
-Certain activity must be in the same place in all timetables  OK

the NEW "all timetables" html file is very handy !! it gives user another interesting  global view

some screenshoots:

All activities timetable, html level 5, show -x- disabled:

Subgroup timetable, html level 2, show -x- enabled:

Year timetable, html level5, show -x- disabled:

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you very much for helping me!

May I move this report to another place in the forum?

Chafik Graiguer

May I move this report to another place in the forum?
Of course
I put it here, because, I thought it is a feedback   :)

Liviu Lalescu

May I move this report to another place in the forum?
Of course
I put it here, because, I thought it is a feedback   :)

Yes, it is feed-back, indeed, but few people will find this thread useful.

Did you manage to help aissa for a good timetable? I followed the discussion on Arabic forum with translation from google, I saw that you just put another file there.

I just hope aissa will use FET, not aSc like he says he might :-)

Chafik Graiguer

Aissa didnot tell me ALL constraints from the very beginning
each time I made a timetable for him, he tell me about new constraints  :)

But today, I think, I made  a PERFECT timetable for him
It was very easy to generate such timetable
We could generate it a couple of days ago, if he told me about all requiremant at once  :)
He also was making a lot of mistakes into inputed data
for example . threre are only 5 working day for a teacher ( he must have one day out of 6 not available) group 101 has  7 hours per week for subject Arabic
activity was inputted like this:
1 large activity splitted into 7 (duration 1) !!
I chaged into:
So generating time became  more and more short   :)
I should make a tutorial with screenchoots, on how to input large activity regarding number of  REAL working days per week . because, it is quite possible to have 6 working days peer week, while teachers are only available 5 days !!

Aissa also added some bogus illogical constraints (by mistake )

Liviu Lalescu

Yes, the 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 2+2+1+1+1 is a nasty problem. I added a test in the official FET, a time ago, to tell the user the right thing to do. I also added an entry in the FAQ and instructions. Aissa missed that because he has 2*ndays, and FET didn't report this, because he thinks there are 10 days, not 5.

I should modify your version and aissa's version to add a warning for this situation, considering the number of real days per week to be n/2. The bad thing is that I am busy at the moment with releasing the official version (tonight).

Thank you for helping her!