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Suggestions / New constraint Saturday/Monday
July 31, 2022, 09:25:07 AM
Is it possible to add  a constraint that prevents work on Saturday evening and Monday morning, meaning that work must be done only once, meaning that whoever works on Saturday evening should not work on Monday morning and vice versa.Because it is not reasonable for the teacher to work on Saturday evening and directly on Monday morning
Suggestions / suggested to hide it from the user
August 24, 2021, 10:25:18 PM
As for the relative weight, which is mandatory to be 100%, it is suggested to hide it from the user because it is not originally allowed to reduce it to a lower percentage.
Quote from: Liviu Lalescu on June 15, 2020, 10:51:52 PM
On 16 June 2020 I added a new version: FET-5.27.3-MA4. Get it from the usual location:

This adds the new constraint students (set) min hours per morning (with/without allow empty mornings), as suggested by bilal24, abdeljalil elghazoui and bachiri401.

It also adds HTML level of timetables 7 (colors) and colored timetables in the interface (if you select interface colors).

It also adds time horizontal view of timetables from the interface.

Please let me know if it works or if you find a bug/problem.

A big "Thank you!" to Benahmed Abdelkrim for his kind translation and to bachiri401 for testing and suggestions, and to bilal24 and abdeljalil elghazoui.

Thank you for your patience
We hope that you keep the Moroccan version, because it is different from the Algerian version
In many cases we do not use building , but only work with room
Hello,liviu, it is possible to add contraints teacher max room changes per day ?
لا نعمل على نشر النسخ المقرصنة يمكنك تحميل النسخة بشكل رسمي من الموقع الخاص بالبرنامج
شرح طريقة استيراد منتوج فيت الى برنامج asc
نزولا عند طلبات عدد من الأصدقاء الجزائرين نقدم لكم نسخة خاصة بالجزائر من تطبيق
  والذي تم انجازه من طرف الأستاذ خالد بن عمر من مديرية الخميسات، المغرب
واليكم فيديو توضيحي لكيفية العمل بالتطبيق
Quote from: Benahmed Abdelkrim on July 23, 2019, 08:32:11 PM
I think timetable is impossible.
and this constraint for all teachers is bed and impossible to satisfy except for a few teachers.
سي عبد الكريم العملية جميلة لو تمت برمجتها لان أغلب المؤسسات الاعدادية في المغرب تعتمد هذا الشكل وتشتغل بتفريغ المدرسين من خلال خلق مجموعتين مجموعة تشتغل في الصباح ومجموعة ثانية تعمل في المساء وفي اليوم الموالي تعكس العملية
Thank you first, it works fine at first but after adding a Time constraint it stops the process

And to inform you Saturday afternoon there is no work
Quote from: Volker Dirr on July 22, 2019, 07:57:12 PM
hmm. i think a modified version of "teachers works in an hourly max" can do it (of course that version must care about single days only, not the whole week).

one the other hand: Why do you need such a consraint? in my opinion it look only like you want to huff the teachers. Where is the advanatge for you, the teachers or the students? I can see only disadvanatges if you add such a rule.

In Morocco, on the contrary, this strategy is preferred for it equally puts the educators on the same line; with two different shifts a day, a group of teachers works in the morning and the other in the afternoon and this routine continues in a reversed way the following day.
Thank you
Yes I know there are max two consecutive mornings / afternoons? But I would like to experience maximum one consecutive mornings if it is not stressful for you
yes i  need this for all the teachers

I want the teacher not to work more than a consecutive morning and consecutive afternoons  as in the picture