Change of an activity hours and day after locking the timetable.

Started by Afzalur, August 28, 2023, 07:13:44 AM

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I am facing problem in changing the activity ID 285 from Wednesday 3rd Hours to Thursday 2nd hours. 
The name of the faculty is  Prof. Sandhya R [PUNIV02132] and the Group is  2021 BBA -FIN and the Subject is  SOC2002 Banking and Insurance. 
Please suggest the solution. Because the file is large so i am sharing the link to download the file. 
Timetable file (FET)

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Volker Dirr

You are talking about activity 825, don't you?

It is impossible, because Dr. B.Upendra Rao is using the same Room KF-02 at that time.

So the solution is only possible, if you also change the Room KF-02 for activity 825 or you need to change the room of the activity of Dr. B.Upendra Rao.