Custom FET Mapr - Increase Generate Multiple Timetable Count

Started by unkreative, November 05, 2022, 01:18:25 PM

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I would like thank you so much for this software as it has saved me dozens of hours of work over the past year. I truly appreciate all of your work.

My request for fet-5.22.0-mapr4 :
- Increase the "Number of Timetables" limit from 100 to 10,000.
- Change units of "Limit for each timetable" from minutes to seconds.

I have specific needs which FET doesnt have constraints for so I process all of the outputted timetables with another program and pick the timetables that meet those specific needs. Most of my tables can be solved within 2 seconds and changing the limits to seconds would allow me to get more tables to look through and a better chance of finding one that fits my criteria.

Thank you so much for your time!

Liviu Lalescu


You are welcome! :)

Could you indicate me exactly the mapr version, I mean show me the exact link to this version you are using?

Your suggested changes are easy and I will do them. However, I am not sure I can compile this ancient FET-mapr version with Qt 5.15, which is the oldest one I have. If it is really important, I could try to install a very old Qt, but I would prefer not. So, my first question is if you can compile FET yourself if I provide you the modified code.

Also, FET-mapr is really obsolete and discouraged from use. I would recommend you to switch to FET-official -> Block planning mode, and I'll try to help with advice and code. If there are no constraints in FET for what you need, we need to build them.


I am using this version:

I should be able to compile FET myself. If not, I will look into using the Block planning mode and rewrite my code to accommodate.

Thank you so much for your help.

Liviu Lalescu

I did it, fortunately it compiled on Windows with Qt 5.15.7 (with many warnings, but no errors).


Awesome, it's working great!

As a general recommendation, would it also be possible to have a minimum room capacity? Or is there a way to do this already that I have overlooked? Some class sizes can be pretty small and having only one student with one teacher is not allowed for safety reasons.

Liviu Lalescu


I don't remember exactly the mapr version, unfortunately. I think maybe with preferred rooms constraints - remove that room from the allowed list?

In FET-official with Block planning mode you have constraints activities min simultaneous in selected time slots (the FET time slots are: FET days = real teachers, and FET hours = real-life time slots).