Custom FET-AAT (allocate activities to teachers)

Started by Liviu Lalescu, June 04, 2019, 02:13:34 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

This version was suggested by Jude G. Get it from

The activities have no teachers, only students sets and a subject. And they are allocated to FET days = real-life teachers, and to FET hours = real-life time slots.


Liviu Lalescu

Quote from: yahi on June 04, 2019, 02:29:09 PM
Thanks a lot  dear Liviu  :)

You are welcome! However, I am not sure this will be useful to many people. But I will try to help.


This sounds very useful for my requirement, but I'd some questions:
1. How do we restrict the preferred timings of teachers (FET days). For example, teacher A and B both can teach activity X, which is taught 5 times a week and can be scheduled on Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 4th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th. Teacher A prefers morning classes and teacher B prefers afternoon classes. How will the teachers' preferences be included?

2. To continue with the previous example, how to restrict the preferred slots for the activity itself?

Pls advise. Thank you very much.

Liviu Lalescu

I think the answer is simple to both questions and it is activity(ies) preferred starting times (time slots). Just imagine a FET time slot as a teacher and a time slot.


Thank you Mr LIVIU for this version which all timetable planners need but i found it the same as the official fet because this version is normally allocates activities to teacher but we find in activities we have teachers ?

Liviu Lalescu

No, this version allocates activities without teachers to FET hours = real life time slots and to FET days = real life teachers.

Luca Dangelo

Hi, thanks for the excellent work.
My requirements are as follows, and I want to know if this version supports them (or there is any other version for me).
My requirement is the same as official FET, but I want to assign teachers to the activities instead of rooms, i.e., rooms in FET = real-life teachers.

To clarify my requirements, let us see the following situation.
There are activities (each contains a subject and students set) without teachers; also, we determine that each teacher can teach some specific subjects (for example, teacher A can teach both "literature" and "Eng language"). Now we want to assign the teachers to the activities in such a way that teachers are assigned to their related activities (teacher A attached to the activities that contain literature and Eng language as subject). So far, this can be done by the official FET; but we also need to determine that how much should a teacher teach a subject (e.g., teacher A should teach literation and Eng language, respectively, 3 and 5 hours in a week).

Does this version support my requirements? Is there any other solution for this situation?
Thanks in advance.

Liviu Lalescu

Yes, I think you can consider the AAT approach to your situation: FET days are real life teachers, and FET hours are real life slots (day+hour). Allocate activities with subject+students set to FET slots.

You can apply some constraints to obtain what you need. Also, consider that the future FET-5.41.0 has some new constraints which might be useful to your case.

Luca Dangelo

Many thanks for your reply.
I am trying to use it, but I got a little confused! For example, how can we set the unavailability times for teachers? Or other constraints for them?
Also, how can we set the preferred subjects of the teachers in this version?

Thanks in advance.

Liviu Lalescu

I do not remember exactly how I modified FET official to obtain FET-AAT. The most important change was that the user needing it needed more FET days per week. But maybe there are also other customizations which might not be needed/compatible with what you need. So you might need to use FET official and just consider FET days = real teachers and FET hours = real time slots (day+hour).

Not available for real teachers: a constraint break for all real teachers.

Preferred subjects for teachers: activities preferred time slots, select the subject and allow only the corresponding FET days = real teachers.