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Thank you Liviu, at the moment I'm only experimenting with a new timetable that will be used in September.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Students do not have any gaps, but some activities have even number of hours, say 2+2+1. And some activities can be split 1+1 in place of 2.

So I was thinking that some groups can do 1st hour in a room, then change and do 2nd and 3rd hour. Other groups can do 1st and 2nd hour and change between 2 and 3 (where we have the break too). And so on.

So maybe I only need a constraint saying: no consecutive room changes for the same group? How can I get it?

Or I could follow your advice and create alternate breaks (half groups after 2 4 6, others after 1 3 5) to split the number of groups by 2, so that only half of them move at a time.
Thanks Liviu and Volker,

I already thought about calling floors as buildings: in my case going from building 1 to 2 would not need any empty slot: do the building constraints accept this situation?
My school is transitioning to scheme 'room for teachers' (students move) from the scheme 'room for students set' (teachers move) that is still the norm in Italy at the moment.

The building has rooms on two levels but only one staircase: so to avoid dangerous overcrowding of the staircase I must create a timetable in which only part of the students set change room at the end of an hour (let's say 5 sets change room on a total of 10).

Can someone suggest which constraints allow to get this result?

Thanks in advance
Sto elaborando un orario in vista della trasformazione del funzionamento da 'aule per studenti/gruppi' (si spostano i docenti) a 'aule per docenti/materie' (si spostano gli allievi).

Le aule sono su due piani, l'edificio ha una sola scala e bisognera' evitare che tutte le classi cambino classe/materia nello stesso momento: diciamo che ad ogni fine ora potrebbero cambiare aula max 5 classi su 10.

Qualcuno/a mi sa dare indicazioni sui vincoli da impostare?
Grazie AP
Per alcuni insegnanti vorrei fare in modo che se le ore vengono poste in orario il mattino siano abbinate, se invece capitano al pomeriggio siano singole. E in questo caso l'altra ora dovrebbe essere possibilmente la prima o la seconda del mattino.
Suggerimenti? Grazie.
Italian / Italiano / Re: ORARIO SOSTEGNO
September 24, 2018, 10:34:11 PM
sempre fatto come voi, a mano... 8)

però stavo pensando: se esporti l'orario finito (da Orario-->Salva dati e orario come) te lo salva con tutte le attività bloccate.
Potresti provare a quel punto ad aggiungere i docenti e le attività di sostegno (o meglio, ad attivarle) insieme con i vincoli opportuni e poi rilanciare la generazione: le attività normali son tutte bloccate,  le altre no e dovrebbero distribuirsi secondo i vincoli che hai dato.
Thanks Liviu, that's correct I don't need it for each teacher or subject.
I was only wondering if there was another way to get that constraint on every subject with a single rule.
I'll try and put into only those who are strictly needed. :)
Hello *

I want to set a constraint so that in all classes, all subjects and all days for a selection of hours (say the 2 afternoon hours) a single subject can appear only for a max number of hours a week. ( e.g. all classes can have only 2 hours a week of each subject in the afternoon)

I tried setting the constraint "A set of activities occupy max time slot from selection"  setting one constraint for each teacher, but FET gets stuck after a few seconds.

Thanks if someone can help. AP
I vote yes

I have many teachers who have 12-14 hours per week (5 days) in a single class, the grouping of activities is 3+3+3+3+2
and now FET does not consider the possibility of spreading the block in the day: this way the 3-hours blocks don't fit in the
2-hours afternoon period. But breaking the block (1 hour last morning + 2 hours afternoon) across the lunch break would resolve
and keep the consecution of hours.

Let me know if I understand and your change could resolve this problem.
Get Help / Re: 3 teachers - whole week covering
September 15, 2016, 09:07:06 PM
Thanks Volker and Liviu

I can't say I understood well your last proposal Liviu, but the suggestion of Volker about the "emergency rooms" was sufficient for me
and the timetable now is wholly covered.

about the concerns of Volker on free days: that can't happen, since my school is opened only 5 days and all teachers work all 5 of them

thanks again
Get Help / Re: 3 teachers - whole week covering
September 13, 2016, 08:58:54 PM
sorry Volker, maybe I don't understand well your proposal, or maybe I didn't explain
that these 3 teachers don't give additional hours to cover the emergency: they cover it
with their simple presence in school, while they are teaching in normal classrooms.

So how can I assign them the dummy activity/room in the same hours of their subjects teaching?
Get Help / Re: couple of activies in same day
September 13, 2016, 07:13:57 AM
thanks to Liviu and Volker

i will choose which couple of activities share the day and impose constraint on that one.
grazie per la risposta

la mia scuola fa 5 giorni e non ci sono giorni liberi - oppure: tutti hanno il sabato libero 8)

secondo il tuo suggerimento dovrei praticamente fare a mano l'orario dei tre docenti, cosa certamente possibile ma che speravo non fosse necessaria...