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I used the subjected constraint for a teacher (Mr. S Bhanbhan). But FET ignores the constraint. Am I doing certain mistake?
Edited note: I am not able to upload <Even_Semester_CED_data_and_timetable.fet> file as its size is 540 kB.
In Tools/Links section, there is "A program to convert the FET timetable XML results to Microsoft Excel, by Roberto Trevisan". There should be a reserved section for its discussion. I this forum, there is a section <FET Tools>, where "TiTiTo - Tiny Timetabling Tool" discussion is available. I propose to create another discussion section for the subject.
Mr. A and Mr. B come to university from their home town 50 km away. They share same car. They avoid first period. But it creates a problem. There are many teachers who do not want to take first period due to various unreasonable reasons. If we allow Mr. A and Mr. B to unattend first period, creates an unrest in the university. Hence university administration compelled Mr. A and Mr. B to reach before first period.
Mr. A and Mr. B say "we would come before first period on the day when we have to take first class." They also demand that whenever Mr. A gets first period in group G1, the same day, Mr. B should also get a first period in another group G2.
How to achieve it if FET?
Report a Bug / Subgroup Bug
December 12, 2016, 06:53:04 AM
I am using 5.30.5. I created two years. Then I created three groups (A), (B) and (C) of each year. Afterwards I created two subgroups A1 and A2; again for second group (B) I divided it into B1 and B2. I went back to recheck A1 and A2, but to my surprise A1 was changed to B1 and A2 did not change.
Afterwards I divided (C) into 2 subgroups C1 and C2. Again, A1 which now reads B1, was changed to C1 and B1 (actual) was changed to C1. It is not affecting any other subgroup except first one.
The first subgroup in every group changes its name to, whatever is my last action for my subgroup.