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Suggestions / New feature (That's Easy ;) )
April 29, 2023, 12:04:41 AM

We are currently working on ending the school year and arranging all student timetables to ensure that all classes finish on time.

To achieve this, we replicate one timetable for 6 or 7 weeks to determine the number of classes of each subject required to complete the total number of classes.

I have noticed that having a button to deactivate an activity in the timetable view, just like the one that currently exists in the activities section, would make it much easier to manage timetables, we can manage this by see the activitie ID and going to the Data-> activities and Deactivate, but in the Timetable view is better and fast.

However, it should be a note saying that deactivating an activity could have certain limitations that might prevent the timetable from being generated correctly because some related constraiants.

Good afternoon! In September, a weekly schedule was generated for the school, which remained the same throughout the months, from Monday to Friday. However, now, nearing the end of the school year, it is necessary to generate a new schedule for the next 5 weeks, with each week having a different program. To do this, a suggestion would be to initially generate a standard schedule for the 5 weeks in the FET software, ensuring that all weeks are the same. How can I do this?

Check the 2 images attached.

Best Regards
Hi Liviu,

What about this new constraint?

An activitie starts a teacher day?

Is usefull for situations when the teacher don't star to work at the first hour.

Best regards

Hi Liviu,

In order to free the students' workload, on the days when they have more teaching hours, we need and avoid that two theoretical disciplines stay on those days at the same time.

Attached is an example of a simulation in subjects that could not be on the same day, where there are more teaching hours.

The subjects that could not be on the same day are highlighted, but can be one or the other, and not both on the same day.

How can we avoid this problem?

New condition? Or work with tags, but I can't find practical solution.

Henrique Belo

Another feature, to improve the timetable analysis .

Show activity restrictions information in the timetable dialog.

We need to use the activitie number to look up the restrictions.

It will be friendlier if we have this information in the activitie dialog.

Check the images.

Best Regards
Henrique Belo

A lot of times we need to disable some activities, and to do that we need to enter the activity and unselect Active check box.

In the list of time and space constraints there is a button that can enable and disable the constraint, I think this is very useful to us in the activities list.

Best Regards
Henrique Belo
Hello Liviu,

I was trying to make a simulation with our timetable, the situation is with A - Lunch and the B - Sports, they can't be consecutive.

A - Lunch is not fixed, so I can't use "A set of activities has a set of a preferred starting time block",  and block the time after lunch for B - Sports .


The Min Gap (hours) between a set of activities is the best solution, but this constraint make impossible this possible situation " Sports -> Lunch".

How possible is tho prepare a costume version for this constraint, Min Gap (hours) between a set of activities tag Ordered?

I now that I can do a virtual activities and make consecutive with Lunch, and make Sports "Not Overlapping with this new virtual activities", is simple to say but with 5 Lunch for each students set (40 classes) is a huge work to do, and will be activity by activity.

Best Regards
Henrique Belo

Hi Liviu,
Due to Covid-19 we have to change the teaching time and make sure that the class breaks are not met.
I divided the teaching time into 4, blocks of 15 min, and a class starts at 8:45 am and another at 9:00 am, so it is possible to find the breaks, but I cannot use the Breakes constraint, because it is common for all students.

I used the constraint A Student's set not available times, for each class, where I marked the desired breakes.

This constraint does not allow me to use the other constraint that I used a lot, two activities are consecutive, so that I can have one activity before the break and another after the break.

Is it possible to create a new condition in Breakes to choose classes?

Follow the example in the attached image.

Best Regards
Henrique Belo
Hello Liviu,

Is possible to add this new feature?

The csv template for google calendar is here:

This is a good feature for a fast live search for a teacher activitie.

Each teacher will be a calendar

Best Regards

How can I make a gap with this constraint with differents students set?

I used the tag EDF-5e6 with EDF-SEC and EDF-SEC with EDF-5e6.

The studends set are different so this don't work.

How can I solve this issue? In a simple way.

Best Regards


In my school some times we have meetings for some teachers, about 10 at same time.

I'm trying to fit all activities but when I active the meetings is very hard to compute the timetable.

My sugestion is creating the non lective activitie for those teachers and group with those meetings.

So there is the problem.... Teachers assigned to more than one activity simultaneously is impossible

Any solution?