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General Stuff / StudentsMaxBuildingChangesPerWeek
August 14, 2023, 11:34:01 AM
Hello, maybe I did not get how the constraint StudentsMaxBuildingChangesPerWeek works.
I have a dataset with two buildings with different room. I want that if a group of students goes in a building then it remains in that building for that day and also for all week.
If I set StudentsMaxBuildingChangesPerDay = 0 I get that a group of students remain in that building for all the day. But if I set StudentsMaxBuildingChangesPerWeek = 0 the building changes between days.
What am I doing wrong?
Also, is it correct to assume that if StudentsMaxBuildingChangesPerWeek = 0 I can skip StudentsMaxBuildingChangesPerDay?
Get Help / Min hours for teacher for specific days
September 13, 2020, 08:58:43 PM
I need to do the following: I have set min hours for all teacher to 2 but I want for some teacher and only for some particular conditions to have a higher number (for example 3).
The condition is that a teacher works in a specific hour of a specific day but I can only consider the day. So if a teacher works on Monday I want to have min hours 3, while I accept 2 on other days.
Of course I cannot set 3 for every days or I get an impossible timetable.
Is there a way to do this? Will a new constraint of this type be implemented easily?
The reason is that the last hour of Monday is somehow fake (it is done from home) so I don't want teachers to come only for a single hour in that case and modeling this last hour as a transfer in a new building or a new day doesn't solve the issue because it's a single hour (I could create a secon fake activity but then not all teacher works in that hour so I have to create two to have min hours respected, so it will be heavily complicated). Is there an easy way I don't see?