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Suggestions / off monitor window pop-up
December 21, 2017, 05:46:16 AM
first I thank you very much for providing this very good scheduling application.
I have cases as follows.

I usually use two monitors: (1)  my laptop monitor and (2) external monitor.

Condition I:  I open the FET in the external monitor (in this case, it run normal); after that, I turn off my laptop and disconnect the external monitor from my laptop,

Condition II: Later I open my laptop again without the external monitor and run the FET; the main FET window is visible, but when I click menus, the windows pop up off screen.
It is open actually but invisible, I have to use: Alt+Space, then M and arrow (my OS is windows 10).

Could you make this application detect the use of external monitor? and show all its windows in the prime monitor when there is no the second monitor.

Thank you very much.

Bandung, Indonesia
Thanks for the newest version; the room occupancy now is very clear. So that, it is easier to accommodate or reject request from colleagues who want to move their schedule.
Thanks for the quick response.
I attach the resulting run for rooms, it looks very nice.
For 'Teachers' and 'Students', I did not see the difference from the previous version.
If you provide the alpha version on Monday, surely I will download it.

thanks for the new features in FET-5.32.0, as Liviu said:
- Implemented the teachers' and students' timetable view time horizontal from the FET interface, for easier locking/unlocking/generating a partially locked timetable.

I really like the features.

Can you please apply the same feature for  'rooms' too?

Sigit, Indonesia
Hi thank you very much for the reply. Yes, all functions run well. Thank you very much for the tips.

Hi, first I thank you very much for this very useful scheduling software. I managed to make schedule for 125 classes with limited number of lectures and rooms for the last 6 semesters.
With this software I can provide a vacant day for freshman students either on Friday or Monday.

Meanwhile, I want to report a bug in the newest version of FET
(FET-5.31.1 for Windows)

The problem is as follows:
After I click the menu "Timetable" --> "Generate" and it finish,
when I click the menu "Teachers" or "Students", there is no pop-up windows like previous versions.
For the menu "Rooms", it runs normally.

Thank you very much.

Sigit, Bandung, Indonesia