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Get Help / lab lesson to room1 or room2 or room3
October 04, 2020, 09:13:18 PM
A lab lesson from a group can be done in room 1 or room 2 or room 3
and this happens for others groups and more rooms ....
How can insert this choice to FET?
Thank you!!!
Thank you !!!!
I don't know this trick ...
I did not understand...
but maybe I was not clear.
I clarify ..
the teacher can work Tuesday any from 5 or 6 or 7 hours and any hour from Thursday
any hour from Tuesday and from Thursday only from any 5 or 6 or 7 hour
the teacher have 23h/w with different groups and subgroups
how can give above to FET?
I have the following problem.
A teacher cannot work the first 4 hours of Tuesday or Thursday.
do i have to make two different programs and try?
or there is an easier way.
Because if I have two such teachers I will have to make 4 different programs etc ...
In the past (last try before 5-6 days) when I tried to open the html file with libreoffice  them it would place all the data of from a row html  in a cell libreoffice and this was problem .
After the answer from Volker Dirr i try again and all was the sart give me a choice , i selct auto and all be perfect!!!!
I dont understand why this happen...
In the future if have problem again i will try the solution from Vangelis Karafillidis.
Now is so simple and fast...
Thank you !!!!
Congratulations for FET!!!!!
Is there a way to convert a file "teachers.time.horizontial.html" to a libreoffice calc ?
I use linux and i can use python3 if need it.
Thank you!!!

Get Help on Your Input File / change weight
September 25, 2020, 07:28:37 PM
When i add activities to my FET i let the default weight number to 95 (95%) .
Now i want to change this number to 100.
I try with this way:
-export my FET to csv filles
-change the column weight from 95 to 100
but when i try insert this new csv file of activities i take a message "i cant do this" because FET dont knows groups subgroubs etc...
how can i change weight number to 100 to all activites

ok thank you!!
a teacher comes to school 3 days / week (Monday Thursday Friday)
Another two days / week (Tuesday, Friday)
I want for every day that comes any teacher to have at least 2 hours / day
  I do not want the program to take out some days he is at school without having a lesson
What order should I give so that every teacher who comes to school for any number of days has at least two hours of lessons

I know i can do this for any teacher give min days but i want for all teachers with different number of days
i try only subjects and work perfect ...!!!
Thank you ....!!!
Is there  a way to import data lists (names of teachers , subjects, activites) from  files like excel in the FET timetable ?
or must to type them one by one?

Python can help with this ?
As for Vangelis's first suggestion, I don't really have much experience in using FET,
as for the second sugestion, i think it would be wrong to use a pseudo-teacher because it would narrow down the solutions ...
I explain why:
by putting the pseudo-teacher at a specific time in a particular section I exclude him from all other sections while in fact he could work at the same time different music teachers in different sections ...
how do you see it?
In trying to create a new program, I found the following case:
With 275 activity locations, it places the 125 in less than 10 seconds and gradually drops to staying for more than a day in the 66 localized activities ...
How can this be explained?
The limitation I had added was:
"a set of activities have preferred start times"
and certainly the activities were more than empty...
Where is the problem ?
why stuck on 66 ?
Suggestions / Re: separate fields
November 30, 2019, 05:46:34 PM
Thanks for the answers ...
I made some very useful conclusions
Suggestions / separate fields
November 27, 2019, 09:02:53 PM
I do not know how the program works and for that I apologize in advance !!

To take advantage of the power of two or more computers I think it would be useful to have the potential number generator search fields be able to be divided into segments.
so we would give each computer a separate field of research for the same data so we could find solutions to difficult programs

what is your opinion?