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On mac OS X Sierra and El Capitan, we met a trouble with compilation and the access to the languages.

For compilation, see the link below :

For the access to the languages, we met the message below :
QuoteTranslation for specified language not loaded - maybe the translation file is missing - setting the language to en_US (US English)
FET searched for the translation file fet_fr.qm in the directory /Applications/fet5305/, then in the directory /Applications/fet5305/ and then in the directory /usr/share/fet/translations (under systems that support such a directory), but could not find it.
For security reasons, we can't access to the "share" directory but only "local" since mac OS El Capitan. We even can't create manually the directory "fet" in the directory "share" but only in the directory "local".
Would it be possible to change it in the source file ?
I tried to do it manually but El Capitan blocks the folder creating even with root's rights in /usr/share/  :-\

Since I've upgraded with Mac OS X El Capitan, I've only the english langage.
El Capitan locks the system.
Contribute Translation / Re: French translation
July 08, 2015, 05:02:13 PM
It seems that the French translation is abandoned.
I enclose a translation of the 5.27.3 release. This is a new version.