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Thanks! This is really 3x faster:

time make (1 core)
real    64m17,696s
user    59m27,125s
sys     4m49,418s

time make -j 8 (4 core x 2 threads)
real    18m59,422s
user    67m33,182s (??? what is it mean?)
sys     4m30,277s

AMD Ryzen 3 3200U (4 CPU 2 Threads per core) 
Quote from: Liviu Lalescu on March 31, 2021, 07:09:38 PM
OK, I am (nearly) ready with (3)  :)  I hope you'll like it as much as I do. Especially if you have multi-core computer. Enter generate multiple dialog.

I added a new version:

Please let me know (few reactions lately  :(   ).

Sorry, I was waiting for new version. I'm interested to try testing multiple threads for generation, because usually create 3 versions of timetable for considered by school administrator (for claims one of them)
Thanks for you job! It's very useful to me personally and my school as a whole. I use FET from 2016 (archive of our school timetables
Now a new version are compille... (about 40-50 min as ususally). I send some report later.
Sorry, for my English, I hope you understand me.
You're right. I use older version Qt 5.11.3 (GCC 8.3.0, 64 bit). How and where I'll can know about new versions (snapshot) for testing them?
In this tarball in file src/engine/generate.cpp:6210:20 typing error: "smhd" was not declarated in this scope, and before (in line 6204) this variable is "shmd". (h <-> m)
Quote3) Make multiple generation start on n threads, where the user can choose n between 1 and the number of cores of the computer.
In the summer I will have free time and I will be able to test the old and new FET on my timetable files.
Quote from: Vangelis Karafillidis on March 19, 2021, 08:39:11 PM
What about other countries? Do you need to modify existing (FET generated) timetables during the school/academic year or not?
Usually I modify timetable twice during year (1 and 2 semester). But, in this year I have 6 (six!) official timetables. Unfortunately, places of the same activities are wery different, and, as a result, I have different timetables. (Russia, Crimea)
No, I don`t know, thank you! I can try this in next time.

time make -j 2
real 32m5,825s
user 53m46,012s
sys 3m20,900s

time make
real 46m22,312s
user 43m35,980s
sys 2m33,972s
Uff! More then one hour compile. It works normally (in 5.33.0 I will replace this two files)
Now I work with Teachers, Students and Activities and not observe it in this items.

Thank you for quick answer and FET. I use FET in school from 2016, when I have a free time, I translate it to the russian language. Sorry for my English.
When adding a new room and move it up or down, the description on the right side not correspond to the selected room on the left side. But, if new room on bottom (by default) or close and open again "Room" windows, the problem disappears.

FET Version: 5.32.3 (August 2017).