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Contribute Translation / Re: catalan Translation
September 26, 2009, 02:58:59 PM
ok, no problem, I might find some time now to do the translation from scratch. i'll go read the instructions
Contribute Translation / catalan Translation
September 26, 2009, 09:54:28 AM
I would like to know if the people in charge of the Catalan Translation need help. I can help
Suggestions / Re: max hours daily for an activity
September 26, 2009, 10:22:47 AM
thanks very much :)
Suggestions / Re: max hours daily for an activity
September 26, 2009, 09:51:58 AM
thnaks Volkerr and Liviu.
ok, let's see if I understand. For Students1 Teacher1 English 3 hours a week min 1 day between activities I have to add these constraints:

subactivity_english1 preferred times: all hours except 5,6 and 7

therefore, the other two subactivities can be placed there, but not 3 of them.

did I get it right?
Suggestions / Re: max hours daily for an activity
September 26, 2009, 08:21:01 AM
I have a question about this constraint. Would it be useful to tell FET:
don't allow more than 2 identical activities for the same group in a few specific hours.
for example: no more than 2 hours a week of the same subject/tag between 5th and 7th hour.

is this possible? if so, what would be the correct syntax?
oh, oh, I would really use it if it could be done with subjects. I mean, max hours daily of this subject for a student group/set, or even if it could be combined with subject+activity tag if necessary.
Suggestions / space constraints
October 02, 2009, 07:12:57 PM
hello all,
some of you may know about my battle with assigning classrooms with FET. Many times, due to our school system, we must have 2 teachers with the same group in different classrooms. Well, I have -more or less- found a way to solve that, but I still have some difficulties to modify classrooms once the timetable is generated and blocked.

During the first month, teachers usually come and say: can I change this classroom? I'd like to go to computer room once a week, I'd like to move my class of tuesday 2nd hour to room 14, etc.

What I have to do then is open the blocked FET file, go to activities list, filter that teacher (or subject), find which activity has the assigned constraint of tuesday 2nd hour, write down the id number, close the window, open the list of space constraints, filter for that teacher, find that id activity, open it, and edit the room.

Well, my life would be easier (:D) if I could go directly to the list of space constraints, filter by teacher (or whatever), see which of those activities belongs to tuesday 2nd hour, and edit it.

I could do this if the related time constraints where listed with the info of the space constraints (on the right panel). I don't know if this would be easy, or useful for other users. What do you all think?

Another thing that could solve my problem (it's not really a problem, it's only that I'm lazy) would be if we could edit all constraints (time and/or space) from the activities window. i suppose this is impossible.

sorry for being so demanding :-[
Suggestions / Re: Teaching team
September 10, 2009, 07:59:30 PM
sorry to chime in, but I just wanted to tell Alfaromeo how I do those divided activities (2 teachers with the same group but getting 2 rooms.

If I have group G1, I created 2 subgroups only for that purpose: G1-1 and G1-2.
Then I add the activity for G1-1 and teacher T1 (a room will be assigned) and I add another activity for G1-2 and teacher T2 (another room will be assigned).
Then I add a time constraint that those 2 activities must have the same starting time and day.

I have to do this because when I publish the students timetables, they need to know what rooms they have to go to, and what teacher. FET will recognise G1-1 and G1-2 as part of G1, so those activities will be shown in the timetable for G1. If I used dummy activities, those rooms and teachers wouldn't show in the students timetable.

besides, I need to publish the timetables of rooms, and this method shows all those lessons with groups and teachers names

I hope this helps.
Suggestions / Re: rooms free periods
September 02, 2009, 08:48:19 PM
oh, I'm in no hurry at all. i got my timetables now. It's a suggestion for next school year :-)
Suggestions / rooms free periods
September 02, 2009, 07:50:47 AM
hello all,
would it be possible to obtain a list of free rooms? The same way as we obtain a list of free periods for teachers. I did it by hand last year, but I wonder if FET would do that. It is useful for us because whenever a teacher needs a classroom in a specific day, or we need a classroom for a conference, it is necessary to know where are not students in that moment.
Quotei thought one more about the "min n hours per day" problem again, because we had a similar discuss at my school.

i think there is "just" a "min days per week for teacherS" constraint needed. doesn't solve that the problem in a good way?

so if you want a min n hours == 1 constraint, then you just add a "min n days per week" constraint.

if you want a min n hours ==2 constraint with allowed free days, then you add a "min n hours per day == 2" constraint.

if you want a min n hours == 2 constraint without free days, then you add a "min n hours per day ==2" and a "min n days per week == daysPerWeek" constraint.

hmm... i am currently just not sure how difficult to code that constraint.

That would be a solution, yes, at least for our school system. The reason why I suggested an additional  min 1 hour a day is because if a teacher gets one day with 1 hour, I can complete his timetable with surveillance (3 for each full time teacher). This way, that teacher will be within the law (working EVERY day and a minimum of 2 activities a day, and a maximum of 6 activities a day). There's no maximum of gaps a day.

We have a frame timetable of 7 hours on monday, tuesday and thursday, and 6 hours on wednesday and friday.

Of these 33 periods, each teacher must have 18 hours of class, 3 of surveillance and the rest (up to 24) of permanence (just being there available).

We try to give eache teacher a maximum of two 7th period (thanks for that modification). The rest of the timetable, counting lessons, surveillance and gaps (permanence) must not be less than 2 a day, not less than 5 days a week, no more than 6 classes a day, etc.

I hope this is understandable, because it's very late and I'm a bit sleepy :-)
the problem with this is that free days are illegal here for teachers full time. I have a timetable with a full time teacher with 1 free day, so I should restrict min 2 hours a day (the law again), but if I do that, I get an impossible timetable because I have a part time teacher with only 3 classes (this teacher can have 2 free days). This means 1 class each day, but it can't be generated because there is a restriction of Min 2 hours a day for all teachers. I think I'm stuck, hahhahaha.

I'lln try with dummy activities, but will them appear in the teacher's timetable? She will be scared to death if she sees 6 classes  ;D
Hello all,
I've encountered a problem when generating timetables and would like to suggest something.
Would it be possible to do one of these 2 things?
a) lower the weight of Min hours daily for teachers
b) lower the minimum and allow to use 1

The law in my country says that teachers must do a minimum of 2 hours a day. OK, so far, so good. The problem is that the law is different for teachers working only part time. If they do half of the weekly hours they don't have that minimum. Well, if I set the constraint of min 2 hours a day for all teachers at 100% weight, I don't get timetables because I have this teacher who is only doing 3 hours a week. Any possibility? any ideas?
I have added a time constraint for activities. that activity has teacher1, no students, no subject. It's not an activity, it's only a time constraint. Every activity for THAT specific teacher will be placed preferebly 1st time in the morning, if possible, but if the timetable is impossible, the activities will be placed somewhere else, because I don't give it a 100% weight.

Hope it is more clear now.
yes, only that those activities have no students set and no subjects. only the name of a teacher. sorry for being so little specific :-)