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Suggestions / 2 Days exeption fo Max Span constraint
October 24, 2023, 01:45:18 PM
I work with two weeks week A and week B with weekly activities and others fortnightly
is it possible to add to the constraint a teacher max span per day an exception with tow days (for week A an Week B)??
the only problem with the second approach is the enormous number of constraints to be entered
maybe it will be useful to automate them in a future version
the second idea
we work with a week of duration 2N
the first half is week A and the second half is week B
each weekly activity is doubled in two: one containing tag A and the other tag B with the following constraints:
max day between the N
min days between them N
max different room between them 1
all tag A activities start week A and tag B activities start week B
it represents the most realistic model of the situation
beware if you use the min hours daily constraint for students or teachers, we may have to add imaginary activities containing the student or teacher in question
I have two ideas
first we assume that we have a week of N days
we create the real week RW and an imaginary week IW (which will be a waste week) each of length N ( afet week of length 2N)
let's call real week A the firstreal and odd week and real week B the second real and even week
we  divide each real groups of students in two, for example the real group 1 is divided into 1A and 1B as well as for the teacher T who teaches the lessons per fortnight (TA and TB)
each real room R is a virtual room (Fet room
each weekly activity contains teachers TA and TB and students 1A and 1B and is assigned real rooms and must start in the real week RW .each course per fortnight is made up of two activities :an odd containing a tag A containing teacher TA and the 1A students and the other even containing the tag B and the teacher TB and the 1B students and
 the activities of tag A are assigned fet rooms with suffixes A and those with tag B the fet rooms  with suffixes B then we add the min day N constraint between each pair so that among each pair only one will be assigned to the real week RW and the other in the imaginary week IW which we will not take into account
Suggestions / Re: about FET-cl
August 20, 2022, 01:10:12 PM
thank you for the information
Suggestions / about FET-cl
August 19, 2022, 11:16:40 PM
with fet-cl is it possible to visualize the progress of the generation such as the number of placed activities  as well as the total of activities ?more precisely with a non-scrolling display (as with verbose=true)
How many rooms do you have in your school ?
للمزيد من التوضيح جميع الحصص الحقيقية للفصل الحقيقي تكون بمعية الفصل الوهمي
على ما فهمت لديكم مادة الرياضة -على سبيل المثال  و تريدون تخفيض عدد الساعات القصوى بساعة في اليوم الذي يدرسها فصل لنسميه (ف)
 لنفترض أن العدد الأقصى للساعات اليومية للفصل (ف) هو 6 ساعات  و أنكم تودون أن يكون 5 ساعات يوم وجود حصة الرياضة
الحل المقترح هو إحداث قصل وهمي لنسميه (ف و) يدرس جميع المواد مع الفصل الحقيقي (ف) و وضع قيد أقصى ساعات يوميا   6 للفصل الوهمي ووضع قيد الساعات الجوفاء للفصل الحقيقي حسب الرغبة ثم إضافة حصة وهمية بمادة وهمية  دون مدرس  يدرسها الفصل الوهمي و مدتها ساعة  و تحدد لها قيد الإنطلاق في نفس اليوم مع حصة الرياضة
و بالتالي لن يتجاوز عدد الساعات بالنسبة للفصل الوهمي 6 يوم حصة الرياضة و 5 بالنسبة للفصل الحقيقي   
Quote from: jza3 on August 03, 2022, 07:05:51 PM
Quote from: fourat on August 03, 2022, 02:00:58 PMi'm using this trick with teacher when i want max hours per day for him with one or tow day exception

For your situation, there is already a constraint for this in Fet. "Max hours daily per real day for a teacher". This limits the max number of hours a teacher works every real day.
As for me, I'm afraid I couldn't figure out how to implement your solution or that of Mr Liviu.

i'm talking about exception
i'm using this trick with teacher when i want max hours per day for him with one or tow day exception
to solve the problem of the gaps I have a rather complicated solution you can add a dummy group which studies with your real group and insert only this dummy group in the dummy activity cited by Mr Liviu and you set the maximum number of gaps for the real students as you want
بعد فائق التحية

 يمكنكم اضافة أستاذ وهمي لمجموعة الحصص المذكورة
مع قيد زمني خاص به اقصى ساعات يوميا

Italian / Italiano / Re: Problema con i plessi....
August 01, 2022, 10:43:47 AM
You can use max building change per day for a teacher constraint and min gap between building changes for teacher set to 1