Max Hours daily for all Teachers vs Max Hours daily for a teacher

Started by nouvakis, April 08, 2012, 11:11:08 AM

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I think that "Teacher Max hours daily" should have a higher priority from "Max Hours daily for all teachers".

I would like to set 5 hours maximum for all teachers daily. But there are some teachers coming only for two days at school having a total of 11 hours (5+6). They should be an exception of the general rule "Teacher Max hours daily"

PS: thanks for this lovely program !

Liviu Lalescu

You are right in a way. It is on the TODO list to add exceptions for constraints.


I'm wondering about... coudn't be interesting an option so that the constraint "Max Hours daily for all teachers" could add instead of one generic constraint, 'n' constraints, exactely as the number of teachers: one constraint for each one.
So, it may be easy to modify the  exceptions ones. 
Thank you.

Liviu Lalescu


I'm wondering if the constraint "Maximum hours per day for a teacher" now has a higher priority than "Maximum hours per day for all teachers"?
Thank you

Liviu Lalescu

No, unfortunately not. I will add you also as a person who suggested this in the TODO. I am sorry, but:

1) I consider that all the constraints must be respected.
2) It was not done from the beginning and it is hard to change.
3) There are already input files considering the current state of constraints.