Add specific activity for tunisien school

Started by Shinoace, October 17, 2014, 11:53:01 AM

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Hello and thx for this great program
I suggest if it's possible to add activity that cut class in two group each one have the half time.
I'm a teacher for exemple i have one classe who have two hour from 8am to 10 am but the fist half of classe came at 8am and finish at 9am and the other half came at 9am and finich at 10 am.
Second suggest:
- i have a class that have 3 hours and like above the time is split in two. for exemple one class from 8am to 11 am firt group study from 8 am to 9:30 am and the other from 9:30am to 11 am

Third suggest
- in tunisia we have a activity that happen once in two week. I know that we have a solution to affect two classe and two teacher but that will restraine the tabulation algorithe if we can add this type of activity separatly  i think that is more efficient for finding the better solution beacause algorithm will join two activity for optimal solution

Thx a lot for your program

Volker Dirr

Don't worry, all 3 "problems" can be solved with current FET version.

About problem 1:
a) the correct way is to set up FET hours from 8-9, 9-10, ... So you just add an activity with duration 1 for one teacher and an activity with duration 1 for the other teacher. Maybe also add constraint 2 activities are consecutive if you need that.
b) the "fast" way is simply adding 2 teachers into the same activity and just tell them that one teacher only need to teach one hour and the second one only the second. Of yourse by this you block both hours and can't care about gaps

About problem 2:
same solution as problem 1. But it look like you need to set up FET hours from 8:00-8:30, 8:30-9:00, 9:00-8:30, ... . Don't worry. Problem 1 still work, just double the duration.

About problem 3:
please read


Thx for jour reply
I juste test that last night ans it work
But i think that nimber of contraint it top high with this
I tried to make it another way
Create activity with group without contraint of 2 activity begun at the same time.
I found this solution much better because reduce the number on constraint.
But it wasn't possible for all type.
If you need I can send y my fet file with this configuration.
Finally if it's possible to and some other option in activity like activity with 2 group or more same class or a same year.
Number of groups in class for generating groups automatic.
I know that a lot of code but it can reduce significantly the number of constraint and it will result in much faster and better generating timetable.
It will be good if we found this in future version.
If you need more explanation I'm here
The a lot

Volker Dirr

I fear you missunderstood, because you wrote that you use "same starting time constraint". That is NOT needed if you want to use one of my hints. It is to much unneeded work to use that constraints. Please use the variants i wrote above, because you will save much work and constraints.

Volker Dirr

Your suggestions are already possible. Of course you can also add several groups into a single activity. Please read one more time this:
(Except if you also talk about roomS. I know that. I also know it will save much work if you can also do it similar with roomS, but that is sadly not possible. In that case you need to use dummy activities with same staring time constraints.)