Save and remember the tabWidget current page

Started by vanyog, November 26, 2014, 10:45:58 AM

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Liviu Lalescu

See the ChangeLog for FET-5.19.0: "- When starting FET, the first shortcuts tab section (File) is selected (suggested by a user)." Previously, I saved the main tab widget position (as you do), but a user suggested that it is better to start always with the File tab selected.

Anyway, I'll add this in the TODO, as your suggestion.


May be there must be a setting: 'Remember current page' and each user to choose his own preference. I'll try to do so.


Here is an implementation of another version of this suggestion:

A new action was added to the Settings-Interface menu. If it is checked (by default it is not) the index of the current tabWidget is saved and restored at next start up.

It is more complex to implement, so you decide if your want this change in your code or not.

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you, I added this in the TODO, and the mention that you provided the necessary code. It is not a difficult change, but I prefer to keep the adjustable settings of FET to a minimum necessary, so the complexity of using the program is as little as possible.

Anyway, I'll keep this in my mind.