trim names on import

Started by mercurialuser, March 09, 2015, 03:45:11 PM

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I just imported Teachers, Subjects and Activities into FET (last version).

I noticed that FET doesn't trim character values when importing so
"Mr Jones" is different from "Mr Jones     " and a new teacher is created importing.

Is it possible to add a parameter or something to avoid this problem?


Volker Dirr

It is possible to trim, but i am not sure if it is good, because there are also disadvantages then.
I used a few times subject "D" and subject "D " in the past. So i was able to do some tricks. (Use a different room, while other users didn't saw that i use different subjects.)

Let me think one more time. I currently think it is wise to do it max optional (So a user must choose if he want to import trimed or not. )
Why don't you trim the names with the software you are using to make the csv files?