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Started by chafik29, August 05, 2008, 05:26:15 PM

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i am a bigener i want to know how i can change the user interface .
and what IDE we use to do that thanks

Liviu Lalescu

I am programming from Midnight Commander (GNU/Linux) internal editor.

Do you know that there is a command line version of FET? Maybe this is useful.

You must use Qt 4 (with Qt 3 support) to compile FET. See the files, src/ and src/interface/ to see the Qt arrangement.

If you want, you can get rid of src/interface files and add your own (some small portions of some files need to be kept, I think fet.cpp and timetableview*.cpp contain some global variables. In rest, you can redo the interface.

To get rid of Qt would be very difficult, equivalent to rewriting FET.


thanks ,
i never programm under linux what is Midnight Commander (GNU/Linux) internal editor.

Liviu Lalescu

Midnight Commander is a twin panel commander, similar to say FreeCommander or Total Commander or Norton Commander. It has internal editor, like those 3 also.

It is easy to install GNU/Linux and you can have it on the same computer as Windows. I used Kubuntu and now I use openSuse (these are distributions of GNU/Linux).

Basically, I don't have an IDE for programming, I just edit the files with text editor.

Maybe you could use as IDE the KDevelop software, if it is available for Windows. I used it a long time ago on GNU/Linux, it was nice, but I don't need it anymore.