The minimum number of rooms to activity

Started by mouiata, September 21, 2015, 09:37:59 PM

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good evening
I have a proposal to add a new contrainte in the Algerian version of the program fet
There are materials in the Algerian education need to be two rooms
So I propose to add the following condition
The minimum number of rooms to activity

Volker Dirr

thanks for suggesting. we already have that (ok, "only" very similar) suggestion in the TODO some time now. Sadly very difficult to code. So i fear it won't be added soon.

From Volker Dirr:

Implement constraint "Activity needs several rooms". (I am not 100% sure if it is enough to have a constraint that adds all selected rooms to a
single activity or if it is also needed to get only some rooms from (a larger) selection. So maybe all current "roomS" constraints "just" need an
option "number of used rooms from the selection". Currently it is always 1. It is needed to increase this number.)

Liviu Lalescu

A workaround is to use dummy activities and a same starting times constraint for a dummy and a real activity.