FET to Excel converter (programme by Roberto Trevisan)

Started by kieronsalmon, June 24, 2016, 08:10:39 AM

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Has anyone tried the FET to Excel converter (programme written by Roberto Trevisan).  I have tried using it on a Mac and Windows and whilst the programme seems to operate fine it generates an excel file that is damaged.  When opening this excel file there is an option to repair the file but this generates a blank file.  Any help would be much appreciated as I think this FET tool is extremely useful.
Many thanks, Kieron.

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I actually found the problem in the Mac version. When the file is loaded into Excel for Mac is reporting this issue. But require to Excel to fix the problem it seems that generated tables are correct. Probably the origin of the problem and 'related to fonts, or the dates used by Excel format on Mac which are stored differently than the Windows version. The problem also seems linked to some, old (2010),  versions of Excel for Mac. Sorry.

Effettivamente ho rilevato il problema nella versione per Mac. Quando il file viene caricato in Excel per Mac viene segnalato il problema. Tuttavia richiedendo ad Excel di fissare il problema sembra che le tabelle generate siano corrette. Probabilmente l'origine del problema e' relativo ai font o al formato delle date utilizzati da Excel su Mac che vengono memorizzati in modo diverso rispetto alla versione per Windows. Il problema sembra inoltre legato ad alcune, vecchie (2010), versioni di Excel per Mac.

Liviu Lalescu

Roberto Trevisan updated his tool to version, fixing the bugs. See the Tools/Links section of the FET homepage.



Is there a proper place to offer suggestions to this FET Tool? I believe it to be really helpful to those who aren't so familiar with HTML/CSS, in fact, after these bug corrections were applied I was able to use this tool and more easily get people interested in FET as alternative to paid software.

I believe this tool needs to also export pseudo activities, since in Brazilian public schools teachers have to stay some hours without students (preparing classes, grading tests). With the current version, one would have to manually input the pseudo activities in the resulting Excel file.

Besides that, some activities with multiple teachers often only show to one of the assigned teachers. Or if a teacher has an activity with multiple student groups, the activity will show only to a few of them.
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Quote from: Matsumoto on July 13, 2017, 03:24:34 AM

Is there a proper place to offer suggestions to this FET Tool?

I think you can reply to this topic or start new topics in General Stuff or Get Help. If you think, I might consider adding a new board into FET Tools, but this might be too much.