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Started by abautu, August 23, 2016, 09:26:08 PM

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Could you add an extra field for subjects and teachers to allow for a short name/abbreviation of it? For example, for a subject called "Classical literature" a short name could be "CL" or "C-101". Then the print timetable features would allow to print the short names (i.e. compact timetable) or long names (i.e. normal timetable)

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you also for this suggestion!

This is in TODO, item #199. I also added your words.

The thing is that, since I didn't add from the beginning such a facility, now it is a bit complicated.

Volker suggests that you always use abbreviations. Everybody will learn them, soon. See his words in TODO, item #199.

Volker Dirr

Yes, we only use abbreviations. For Subjects, Teachers, Students, Days, Hours, ...
Even our youngest students are only around 11 years old they understood that in less then a few minutes.
In worst case, if you have got a lot of abbreviations, why not always using abbreviations and simply write a list that explains the abbreviations. So guys that don't understand that can check that list. I don't think everyone need it. Max one per room.

Liviu Lalescu

We came up with something: since FET-5.30.3, the teachers, subjects, etc., have attached comments. We might add a setting to print also the comments in the timetables. Would that be useful?

Volker Dirr

The idea sounds interesting. please let us know, i might code that.
But please also do this:
Don't use abbreviations and use only long names. please print it and check if it fit on a paper. it doesn't make sense to code this feature if the long names will never fit on paper. so i fear a bit the feature sounds nice, but won'Ät work in practice.
also please let me know also this:
if the long names fit on a paper, why do you still need the shortcut version?

and other variant of a solution might be this:
As Liviu already said we have comments now for teachers, subjects, ...
Maybe it isn't "good" to print them into the timetable, because the timetable might be too large.

how about printing a table with the used abbreviations and their comments (long names)?
So everyone can see the meaning of the shortcut. (So the shortcuts won't be several times in the timetable. They will be only one time under the timetable.)

Liviu Lalescu

For the moment, we didn't implement the above solutions. We'll think about it.



Indeed, in printed version, abbreviations look better. I was thinking about the HTML version. We use abbreviations now (in manually created timetables) and the list of abbreviations method.

I'm attaching a sample of our timetable (with long names).

Thank you,

Liviu Lalescu

Unfortunately, we did not think from the start of FET about using short and long names. So now it is more difficult to do that. But it will remain on the TODO list.

Volker Dirr

do you like the attached pdf or not?
i am still not sure why you need it with long names, if you want to have short names in the printed timetable.
yes, maybe it fit on you large screen. but what about guys that have only a small screen or only a smartphone screen? also that guys "need" short names only.

so far i suggest to use short names only. for printing and html!
if you ahve "strange" shortcuts that other guys don't know, then just write that shortcuts into the comment. everybody can see then what you mean.


Ok, I'll use abbreviations, too.