A list of possible free hours for a group of teachers

Started by Malamojka, February 17, 2017, 09:25:40 AM

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Hi, could it be possible to create a list of free hours for a group of chosen teachers (for a meeting and such...).

Liviu Lalescu

I think there are two possible approaches:

1) Add more dummy activities, each one having all the teachers. This might be bad because this dummy activity is counted as a real activity and might affect the max hours daily and the min hours daily constraints for teachers.


2) Use the constraint activities occupy max time slots from selection. Add all the activities of all the necessary teachers, selected slots = all slots of the week, max occupied = n_hours_per_week - duration_of_the_needed_conferences. The disadvantage is that there may appear many gaps in the teachers' timetables, between their real activities and these conferences.

Benahmed Abdelkrim

 To avoid the gaps in the timetables of the teachers, I think it would be better to schedule these meetings between each group of teachers, in the extrimities of the time slots; That is, the end of the mornings or the end of the afternoons, as I do in the timetables produced by the Algerian version of FET.

Vangelis Karafillidis

Another approach. Add a dummy teacher DUMMY_TEACHER. If you want for example your teachers to have at least n common free hours, create a dummy activity, split = n, min days = 0. Go to a set of activities are not overlapping. Select all the activities of TEACHER_1 along with the dummy activity of DUMMY_TEACHER. Go again to a set of activities are not overlapping. Select all the activities of TEACHER_2 along with the dummy activity of DUMMY_TEACHER. Repeat until you have added all the teachers of this group. In the generated timetable, none of the teachers will have a lesson coinciding with any of the sub-activities of the dummy activity. So, your group is going to have at least n free common hours.


Thanks for all the suggestions. The problem is that I need the free time slot for a group of teacher every few weeks. They all seem to be working several jobs and situation outside "my" timetable seems to vary over different weeks. So time slot for one meeting is not necessary OK for next meeting, hence I need just a suggestion of free slots of all the teachers in the group so they can choose appropriate one for the week. Also gaps (for teachers) are not a problem. I'm doing my timetable for a faculty and the hours teachers spend in a classroom are just few (some only 2 hours/week, especially for outside teachers).
I do this manually by opening teachers timetable and choosing occupied time slots for all of a teacher in the group, then changing to next teacher, pressing "Ctrl" and choosing next teacher's occupied slots. The end result are chosen slots, that are occupied by at least one teacher (hence not ok for a meeting). We then choose meeting slot from the rest of time slots. So I would basically like just a list of those "free" slots to choose from. I don't need it to show in timetable. Just a list would be fine, I can make a presentable table from it in no time.

Liviu Lalescu

Did you see the HTML timetables -> teachers' free periods? You need to find a slot containing all the teachers.

If you cannot use the above, maybe a customization will help you.