BUG on FET-5.31.1 released on 28 February 2017

Started by sigit_yuwono, March 01, 2017, 05:19:58 AM

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Hi, first I thank you very much for this very useful scheduling software. I managed to make schedule for 125 classes with limited number of lectures and rooms for the last 6 semesters.
With this software I can provide a vacant day for freshman students either on Friday or Monday.

Meanwhile, I want to report a bug in the newest version of FET
(FET-5.31.1 for Windows)

The problem is as follows:
After I click the menu "Timetable" --> "Generate" and it finish,
when I click the menu "Teachers" or "Students", there is no pop-up windows like previous versions.
For the menu "Rooms", it runs normally.

Thank you very much.

Sigit, Bandung, Indonesia

Liviu Lalescu

It works correctly on my computer (Windows 7 64-bit).

Please "Restore default settings" and try again.

Please let me know.


Hi thank you very much for the reply. Yes, all functions run well. Thank you very much for the tips.


Liviu Lalescu

I am glad it works :)

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