The Number of conflicts

Started by Benahmed Abdelkrim, March 05, 2017, 04:16:16 AM

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Benahmed Abdelkrim

I think it is very useful to give the exact number of broken constraints instead of the sum of the weights corresponding to each broken constraint.
If the number of broken constraints = 10;
And assuming that the weight of each broken constraints = 95%;
Therefore the conflicts = 10 * 95% = 9,5
My proposal is :
Conflicts = 10(Natural number), Instead of 9.5 (Decimal number) currently.
It can be seen that the number 10 gives a clear picture of the broken constraints than 9,5 in our previous example.

Volker Dirr

In my opinion never "instead", because the sum of weight much much too useful. but i think it is easy to add it as an additional information (even i don't need it).

Liviu Lalescu

I think you are referring to Algeria and Morocco versions. I added these, as in the official FET (in which this existed since FET-5.30.4).

Benahmed Abdelkrim