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5.32.1 crash

Started by Davide Cottignoli, July 24, 2017, 11:30:35 PM

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Davide Cottignoli

Hi Liviu,

I've just compiled last version to test ultimate features included but 5.32.1 crashed.
I attached the logs.


Liviu Lalescu

I had a look in your logs. I don't know what happens, but it might be a Qt problem. Please tell me when does it crash? More details, if possible.

Maybe you can try to recompile FET from scratch.

Davide Cottignoli

Yes it's probable, when it happened I was resizing columns with the control that show pixel number.
I had compiled Fet from source with my Mac.

My QT source version is 5.7.0 maybe I will update to the last version.


Liviu Lalescu

I tried on my Windows 7 and openSuse GNU/Linux and everything is OK. Try to find an exact way to get a crash and let me know.

Volker Dirr

What Liviu mean is: Please explain a bit more detailed what you do to get that crash. What dialog/menu did you use (the new rooms or students or teachers view?)? What did you do (Inreasing or decreasing? Changing the height or width?)? If you can reproduce, please let Liviu or me know and sent also your dataset (if the bug isn't reproduceable with an other fet sample file).