Decreasing number of placed activities

Started by liquid, July 26, 2018, 08:53:49 AM

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I have a data plan for 852 activities. It's not an easy one. I try to figure out how FET tries to place activities which might help to make a better data file. What I see is that after 3 mins, FET managed to place 669 activities and then it continuously decreased number of placed ones. After 11 hrs FET says it placed 302 activities and it's been stuck at this point for 3 or more hours. With 300 of 850 activities placed FET has a plenty of time slots and space to try placing but it does not do it, I suppose, or it's not visible. Is there something in the algorithm that prevents FET from more intensive searching?

Volker Dirr

If you notice such a behavior it is very probable that the dataset is impossible. In your situation FET sadly can't see why it is impossible and will try to solve some more time, but a human can sometimes see the problem much faster.
I will check your file if you sent me your file per E-Mail (see or add it compressed here in the forum.