Teachers max hours daily, max span per day, max hours continuously w. exceptions

Started by Liviu Lalescu, September 03, 2019, 05:52:49 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

I saw there were some users suggesting these: teacher(s) max hours daily, max span per day, or max hours continuously, with exceptions.

I think it is possible to add a one day exception in which the teachers can have +1 hour (or span). It is not easy, but should be possible. It is also a bit risky because of possible bugs, but this was always a risk in adding new features to FET.

Do you think it is worth exploring this exception feature?

Davide Cottignoli


Liviu Lalescu

Thank you for your opinion!

I added teacher(s) max span per day with 1 day exception in FET-5.40.0. I hope it works OK. The other two (teacher(s) max hours daily and max hours continuously) are too difficult, at least for now.


Hi, this is very useful, i'm using it.
Nevertheless it would be useful to be able to make exceptions on teacher basis too.
For example i would like to set max span per day for all to 4 with one day exception, except some teacher that are available only some days and are forced to do 5 hours more that one day.
I mean, if i set max span per day for all teacher and only one teacher is forced to have a different setting, i have to set max span per day manually for each teacher.

Is it correct or i could do something different?

In other words it would be useful that setting for all teachers/students/... is the default  and if i set the same setting over a teacher, this setting should overwrite the default.


Liviu Lalescu


Each constraint must be respected. Unfortunately, you need to add a constraint for each teacher. Only if all teachers have max allowed = 5 and a teacher has max allowed = 4, you can add a general constraint with 5 and a particular constraint with 4.