Parallel constraints for teachers

Started by satsriakal, October 14, 2019, 10:16:06 PM

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For commuter teachers and car pooling, I'd like to insert a constraint in order to have two different teachers starting and finishing lessons at the same time every day.
Can someone suggest me a way to insert a constraint like that?
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Liviu Lalescu


Indeed, as Volker said, you might use a constraint activities occupy max time slots from selection for this pair of teachers. This is not a perfect solution, it does more than you ask, and thus might make the timetable more difficult than needed. Ask for more advice if needed.


Thanks a lot for your answers.
Actually using your solution could limit a lot the possible solutions.
At the moment, to generate a solution I need 2-3 hours of FET processing.

My goal is to get timetables for two different teachers starting and ending at the same hours, 5 days a week.
School timetable is scheduled on 5 days, 6 hours/day, most of the lessons last 2 hours. Therefore for most of the teacher there are 3 activities per day.

Please let me know a possible solution to insert this constraint.
Best regards