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Started by dimzev, November 03, 2019, 05:56:19 PM

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how set this settings?

1)one teacher i want start works from 1st hour only 3 from 5 days per week...the others 2 days i want start work any hour

2)one teacher i want start 2nd or 3  or 4 hour only from 3 days per week ...the others days want start any hour

how can set the  above if the teacher work only for 4 days/week

thank you ...!!!!

Volker Dirr

hmm... not exactly what you requested, but you might try variants with teacher works max in an hourly interval.

so in case 1:
1st hour max 3 times (but he might get 0, so not exactly what you requested, but try that. maybe your timetable is already too difficult with that easier constraint)

in case 2:
so it mean max 2 times in the first hour. (yes, not exactly what you requested, but close)

You can use the tricks also if the teacher work less days. No need to change the values in that case.

Liviu Lalescu

For 1), use a constraint activities occupy max time slots from selection. Activities = all activities of that teacher, selected slots = all slots from 2nd hour to last hour, max occupied = duration of activities - 3.

For 2), maybe similar, but selected slots = from 5th to end of day, max occupied = duration of activities - 3, and teacher not available at the first hour or interval 1st - 2nd max days per week = 2. But it might be a problem 1st to 2nd hour if it is allowed. Please think also yourself.

Works 4 days per week - think similarly.